Nature is nothing but the material that the artist can use at will, with only one condition: to discover the nature of life and show it in a way that nobody would have imagine

Vladimir Maiakovski


(Migration Culture Reply . MCR Art Productions)

MCR Art Productions was born out of a desire to film and bring to world attention the experiences of the migrant in a foreign culture. We recognise that the condition of being a migrant means - among other things - change, displacement, acceptance, enrichment, frustration, prosperity, integration and sacrifice. It is these diverse aspects that define our art.

An art which through film and theatre allows us to capture those moments of life and recreate them artistically, to comment upon them, to change attitudes and renew ideas. In this way we want to reach out to our audience and generate new and unexpected reactions. This is the art we wish to create. An art of dynamism and change.





Nominated for Zurch Film Festival 72-2019

A lady received the notice, her Credit Card will be hacked in case she doesn't arrange something against it...

„Dialogue between us“ - Trailer

Dialogue unter uns

Documentar y (40 Min.)
What do local foreigners think about Switzerland? Have they already linked friendship with the native people or do they still feel alien? And the swiss people? What do they think about it? An interesting look in our society

„ich liebe dich...yo tambien“ (I love you... I love you too. About binational couples) Trailer


Shortfilm (30 Min) (2014)
Love knows no boundaries between cultures. But the new life situation can bring difficult experiences within the relationship. Juan (Vladimir Fredal) and Bea (Katharina Bohny) will confront this experiences

„ich liebe dich“ - Making of

Making of Ich liebe dich

A look behind the camera. The film is part of the larger project „Step by Step“ about migration in Switzerland

Elderly Dreams (Ageing in migration)

Rosalinda - Trailer

Shortfilm (15 Min) (2014)
What is life like when you get older? Should we, as an established migrant in Switzerland, back in the country of origin? Illness, loneliness, solidarity and friendship come together in this film

Elderly Dreams - Making of

Rosalinda - Making of

Shortfilm. It also belongs to the project „Step by step“

„The Children of Plaza San Martin“

The Children of Plaza San Martin

Documentary (50 Min) Lima Peru (1995)
Street children who have to live in daily violence, are supported by NGOs (non governmental organisations) to manage and get out of this situation.

„Be blind in a blind country“


Documentary (26 Min.) Lima Peru (1996)
The organized life of the blind in Lima in an association enables them to cope with their status as blind. By means of creativity and ingenuity they are able to play also football...!

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Ich liebe dich

Träumen im Alter

Upcoming Projects

Film Project „The Heritage“

„The Heritage“ (feature film,working titel) a story about two sisters: Susana, who lives in Switzerland and Haydee in Lima, Peru. Susana needs money for developing a project and wants to sell the house the two had inherited from their parents. However Haydee wants to continue living in the house. In the development of the conflict they experience unexpected insights which will give their lives a new direction.


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Movie scene: „Film producer“ and „Andreas, the boyfriend“

Sequenz Filmpro


Movie Scene: „in the playgroup“

Szene Piroska


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We offer:

  • Organization and production of films and theatre plays
  • Film and theatre direction
  • Preparation of actors/actresses
  • Dramaturgy (consulting and developing  screen and theatre plays)
  • Photography (Fotoshoots/Making Ofs)
  • Audiovisual projects  (commercial and cultural)


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